All the Speakers…

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How’s 2023 going for you so far? We remain deeply engaged alongside local communities in language development around PNG: research, training, translation, Scripture engagement, literacy, etc! See the Active Translation Projects Map post for the scope of one translation organization’s work in PNG.

Nema – a translation project by helicopter

We’re beginning the third month of 2023 already! A great chance to pray again for the Nema people and the translation project there.

Kope – Dedication of the translation of Luke

It’s already been two months since this originally posted at Christmas – feel free to share the linked FB page if interested – but newly translated material is still worth celebrating!

The International Decade of Indigenous Languages

In November, representatives of language development organizations in Papua New Guinea met with UNESCO representatives in the capital, Port Moresby. Topic: how to work together to improve support to speakers of minority languages during the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. With 840 languages in PNG, there are plenty of opportunities!