Kope – Dedication of the translation of Luke

It’s already been two months since this originally posted at Christmas – feel free to share the linked FB page if interested – but newly translated material is still worth celebrating!

The International Decade of Indigenous Languages

In November, representatives of language development organizations in Papua New Guinea met with UNESCO representatives in the capital, Port Moresby. Topic: how to work together to improve support to speakers of minority languages during the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. With 840 languages in PNG, there are plenty of opportunities!

Language Map – Eastern Highlands

We posted a map of Western Province not long ago. What do you observe when you compare that map with this one? PNG has diverse physical environments – its language environments are equally diverse.

Aviation in Papua New Guinea

In a country as rugged as PNG, some places are only reachable on foot or by aircraft; there are no roads. Several organizations provide aviation services in support of community development and translation efforts.

Active Translation Projects Map

SIL-PNG is one of the organizations working in Papua New Guinea in language development: research, training, translation, Scripture engagement, literacy, etc. Here is a map showing their work in PNG.