I Can Read!

ICanRead04_KWeaverPhoto and Story by Karen Weaver
Education is important to Nora*, which is why she made sure that all of her first four children attended school, and she anticipates sending the fifth one soon. However, Nora has always been a bit sad that when she was a child she did not have that opportunity.

Things began to change for Nora nine months ago, when she joined a new literacy class. The students learned t

Before they knew it, their nine months together were drawing to a close and the students each chose or was assigned a passage of Scripture to read aloud at the upcoming graduation ceremony. Some chose only one or two verses. Others chose longer passages.  Nora wanted to read John 15:1-4.

For the next three classes, the students practiced the reading they would do for the graduation. Unfortunately, Nora did not come to any of these classes, even though she had attended faithfully up to this point. Susan, her teacher, wondered what had happened.

The day of graduation dawned grey and drizzly. A friend with a truck went to Nora’s house and found that she was feeling very poorly and her illness was the reason she had been absent. Nevertheless, she climbed in the vehicle, accompanied by her youngest daughter, and went to the graduation.

When it was her turn to read, Nora’s poor health required her to read while sitting in a chair. Nevertheless, her voice was steady as she confidently read through each verse. Seated in the audience, her young daughter silently mouthed the words as her mother read to the audience. It was obvious Nora had practiced reading the Scripture out loud so many times that this preschooler had memorized it.

Afterwards, Nora smiled as she quietly declared, “Now I can read the Bible, too, just like my children!”
*Name has been changed.