The First Scriptures

Story: Karen Weaver

“You expect me to look only? No way! I want to buy a copy right now!”

This was Samo’s enthusiastic response when he saw the first printed Scripture portions in his language. Missy and her co-workers had just arrived in Ramo village, a journey which had included one hour boating across a lagoon and four hours of hiking.

During the initial walk through the village, Missy only intended to show the people what would be available for sale. But when Samo saw the printed copies containing the New Testament books of Titus, Philemon, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and Philemon, he couldn’t wait. Samo eagerly handed Missy the coins to purchase the booklets and immediately sat down on his porch to read them.

Samo wasn’t the only one whose life was touched by the Scriptures. Others crowded around to see this novelty in their village. Many of them also bought the booklets and read them in their homes and with their families.

People who didn’t buy a copy still had the opportunity to read them at the Bible studies. As Missy and her friends passed out the booklets, people opened them right away, their eyes and fingers exploring the printed pages.

Missy knew what challenges the translators and others had faced to get these books written, printed, and carried out to the village. Yet as she looked around the group and heard the people quietly reading the words of life in their language for the first time, she knew that it had been worth it all.

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