SALT Brings Light

Story & Photo Credit: Luke Aubrey

In June 2018, the people of Binumaria celebrated the dedication of the New Testament revision and several Old Testament books in their language. The translation team wanted Binumariens to dig into this new Bible together as a community. Upon hearing about the Scripture Application and Leadership training (SALT) course, they along with local church leaders decided to host the two weeks of Bible training.

The course had 109 participants from different churches: Lutheran, SDA (Seventh Day Adventist), Renewal, CLC (Christian Life Centres) and A.O.G (Assemblies of God). Many of them were pastors, evangelists, deacons and church leaders.

During the lesson on forgiveness many in the class repented of wrongdoings, asked for forgiveness and reconciled with God and others. One church leader was so moved by the teaching from God’s Word that he brought his family to the front and they all repented of how they had been living a double life, walking in darkness and light. He said, “God has gripped me and shown me my need to repent.”

One pastor shared, “I now see how I have been trapped in fear by Satan. This is a big weapon of his to keep me from trusting God. I am always afraid to do God’s work because of fear of what others might think. I am afraid to go to the garden alone because of fear of sorcerers who might hurt me when I am by myself. And I am afraid to travel at night by myself because of fear of spirits of dead people who might hold me on the path and harm me. Through the Word I have learned that God doesn’t call us to fear but sets us free from it!”

Another pastor said, “I have been challenged about the teaching on pride. Pride was the downfall of Satan and also of mankind. Often I find myself putting the word “I or me” first. In ministry and in my own life I find myself boasting. This pride I have now learned opens the door wide for all sorts of other sins to come creeping in.”

A mother stated, “As a Christian, whenever trials come I don’t need to retreat. I have learned that I can ask God for His peace. The peace talked about in Philippians 4:4-7.”

An older man declared, “God’s Word, this alone will set me free. I have learned that two men are at war within me. God’s Spirit and my sinful nature. I need to daily feed the Spirit with the Word to be truly set free.”

Others spoke about how the training from the Word in Binumarien was giving them confidence to know how to hold devotions with their own families. Many of the pastors and evangelists shared, “Even though we have been to all sorts of training, this course was a huge blessing. It raised us to the next level.”

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