Trusting God in Prayer

by Karen Weaver

More than 30 men and women, who were leaders from five of the nine villages in the Wampar language area, met to study God’s Word and to learn how to apply it to their lives. Each day they gathered under the big mango trees of Zifasing village to learn from the Scriptures.

One of the presenters, Lynda Wick, focused on the motivation for prayer. She wanted to encourage the group to stand firm against traditional expectations in the face of difficulty. As Lynda addressed the group, she knew that it was likely that some of them had been pressured to turn to sorcery when God didn’t seem to be answering prayers in their favor.

In the study, they looked at the passage describing Jesus praying in the garden the night before his crucifixion. He prayed to his Father, “Not my will, but yours be done.” Even in his darkest hour, Jesus voiced his trust in God’s will.

They also examined the life of Paul. Even though he was a good worker for God, he still had trouble. Although Paul prayed to God about his troubles, and was confident that God heard him, sometimes the problem persisted. However, Paul did not turn his back on God. He learned that God’s grace was enough and that God’s power was made perfect in his weakness.

At the end of this time together, one of the students shared how this lesson had impacted him. “Previously, I prayed as if God were my servant and He must do what I asked for. Now I see that I am God’s servant and I must trust him and follow how He chooses to answer my prayers: yes, wait, or no.”

These Wampar leaders have now returned to their homes and are sharing with others in their local churches the truths they learned from studying God’s Word.

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