Learning New Skills

IMG_5219-6x8.jpgStory by Janeen Michie, photo by Janeen Michie

Joanne Pawih, a Sunday school teacher from Neherneh language, believes that she will be a better Sunday school teacher with her new skills in critical thinking. Now she can research the meaning of words and ask questions to understand the text. She says that before taking the Initial Skills course, “I didn’t really know the meaning of the passage myself, but when I came and took this critical thinking course it gave me more ideas and it’s really meaningful to me and it will give me a great help to help my Sunday school children.”

Thirteen men and women from Manus, Eastern Highlands, Madang, Jiwaka, and Gulf provinces came together for the five week Initial Skills course at the Training Centre in Ukarumpa. The students learned English grammar, reading comprehension, pronunciation, critical thinking, and research skills.

A student said, “I realized there is a way to get to the right conclusion. The most important thing was learning to ask questions. We usually ask one question and no more. This will help us analyze better. It’s very helpful to us to learn to read a book and think about it and answer questions about the themes and the main points. This was very helpful.” Another student, Regina Milaura says, “The critical thinking course was useful because now the [translation] team can ask each other questions about the Bible and come to a better understanding of it.”



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