Prayer and Determination Makes Progress

Story and photo by Stephanie ErnandesIMG_5002.jpg

What happens after a New Testament dedication?  Some organizations stay and help finish the Old Testament, other organizations pull out.  They have the desire that the language group take ownership, such that they continue the work of translating the Old Testament on their own using the skills they developed while helping to translate the New Testament.  Some language groups get right to it, others wait.  Every group has a different story.

The Borong New Testament was dedicated in 2003.  Work for the Borong Old Testament did not start right away.  Kathy Tumaka explained that during the years since the New Testament was dedicated, the Borong people have been taking the time to understand it, asking questions like, “Who is this God?”  They learned more about Him.  They learned to see Him through the eyes of the Scriptures that they have.  When they began to really see God in their lives, they grew hungry.  They began to have the desire to have the Old Testament in the Borong Language.  They praise God for this time.

In 2009 Dan and Kathy Tumaka started to pray that God would open a door so that their people could begin the translation of the Old Testament.  After 4 years of prayer God opened that door.  In 2013 they were able to travel to a training center in the Eastern Highlands where they could take the Initial Skills Course needed learn how to begin translation work.

The road hasn’t been easy since then.  Time and time again plans to travel to the training center for further training have fallen through.  The translation work has taken much longer than expected as a result.  However, they didn’t give up.  They wanted the Old Testament in their mother tongue.  They have continued faithfully to pray and God in His good and perfect timing has continued to answer their prayers.

They prayed through 2014 and 2015, and in 2016 and 2107 God has provided so they could come and take four more courses.  They are rejoicing that they now have seven books of the Old Testament translated.

Please pray for Dan and Kathy and the Borong people for continued perseverance and hunger for God’s Word, for God’s strength and wisdom to carry on the rest of the enormous task of translating the remaining books of the Old Testament into the Borong language.


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