Scripture Storytelling


Saul blinded by a light.JPG

“These men aren’t telling us the truth!” Lazarus scowled when Gary shared that he and others would soon be teaching anyone who wanted to learn techniques of telling Bible stories in a dynamic and accurate way.

Although Lazarus was more interested in stirring up trouble and taking drugs than he was in story-telling, his curiosity compelled him to find out more. When the team arrived in his village to teach, Lazarus hung around to listen. As he sat on the wooden benches and heard the Bible stories, he was drawn to their message.

Instead of the dry boring teaching he expected, he discovered interesting visuals and live dramas which often involved the course participants. The stories were told with inflection, enthusiasm, and sincerity, all of which captivated Lazarus.

By the time the workshop concluded, Lazarus was a new man. He testified, “Now God has completely changed my thinking.” Others also noticed the changes in Lazarus. At the beginning of the training, he rarely spoke during discussion times. But after the stories impacted his heart, he happily joined in the class discussions and dramas and contributed his thoughts during the morning devotions.

Prodigal Son feeding pigs.jpg

He also became a very talented story-teller. Because of this, he was one of the people the teachers asked to become a trainer, to which he eagerly agreed. Lazarus is happy to pass on his new story-telling skills, and his new life in Christ, to others.


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