Touched by the Scriptures

Story by Janeen Michie, photos by Janeen Michie


Six weeks before the dedication, Namondi Unare, the translation team leader, brought the first copy of the revised Binumarien New Testament Bible into the village. He said, “The people cried and rejoiced. They thought they would never get [another printing] of the Bible again in their language, but God made a road and now they have it again.”

A week before the dedication, boxes of Bibles were sent ahead. As the Scriptures arrived there was an awareness of the holiness of God’s Word coming into their village. Fasu Ikuo said, “Many people were watching as the Bibles arrived and in their hearts they were happy. With tears of joy, they cried and wailed. Why? Because they knew that this good news is the power of God to redeem them and give them life. This made their hearts very sorry and some of them cried many tears. Then the people sang and celebrated.”

Early in the morning on the day of the dedication, the Binumarien people cried and wailed as the newly printed books were carried down to the site where the dedication was to be held. Fasu said, “They cried exceedingly. Why? Because life is in the Bible and it is the power of God.”

As the day continued it started to rain and then downpour. The people sang and danced inspite of the rain. Finally the sun pierced through the clouds and the dedication could proceed as planned.  Later, as Fasu reflected on that great day of celebration, he referred to Isaiah 55:10-11: “God’s Word has come down from heaven, and will not go back to heaven without results. When rain falls upon the ground, it does not return without results. It makes the earth soft and muddy and it makes things grow. It makes crops grow, and then later it goes back again. God’s Word has come down to us from heaven and when His Word falls upon the hearts of men, it will not go back without results. It takes the life of men back with it. This is the power of God to take people back.”


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