Child Engages with Scripture

Story by Elias, a Yamap Translator, with Janeen Michie, photo by Janeen Michie

IMG_4830_Childengageswithscripture.jpgPapua New Guinea has many languages and people groups. Numerous language groups are difficult to access because the land is covered in mountains, forests, rivers, and swamps. Some villages are so remote that villagers can only travel by foot and it may be a few days walk.

Yabumluk is a Yamap village on a high mountain ridge. The people there use their own language most of the time, but since they’ve never had the Scriptures available in Yamap, they hold their church services in Tok Pisin. On a recent Sunday they used the Yamap Scripture booklet that we had produced for them to use in their services. A young boy, about 6 years old, was there. He had not been listening to the service, which was being held in Tok Pisin, but when the Scripture portion was read in Yamap, he focused and listened carefully. After the service, he kept talking about that Scripture portion. The adults who heard him were very surprised that a young boy like that could preach the gospel.

Elias, who was in Yabumluk that Sunday, said, “This touched my heart.”

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