Clouds of Opportunity

Story and photo by Karen Weaver

2010-08-07CloudsKW.jpgOne cloudy day, pilot Jamie Halverson flew a few passengers to an airstrip in a language area that already has the completed New Testament. Sadly, in the plane he also carried a coffin holding a body to be buried in their home village.

After an aborted first attempt due to poor visibility, Jamie found an opening in the clouds and was able to land the airplane safely. However, by the time everyone had unloaded and he was ready to take off again, clouds had closed in the valley, making it unsafe to fly.

Jamie waited by the airplane, hoping the weather might improve. A group of people of various ages joined him under the wing of the airplane, taking shelter from the heavy mist that was falling. Since the body of one of their people had just been brought to the village, Jamie realized this was an opportune time to talk to them about death and the hope we have in Christ. They listened carefully as he shared the Gospel and encouraged them to use their New Testaments. They nodded in agreement when he pointed out that life here on earth is short but the life offered by Jesus Christ is forever.

The clouds did not clear again that day, and Jamie ended up spending a restless night trying to sleep amid the intermittent sounds of chickens, dogs, and mourners. However, he was grateful the clouds had kept him in the village an extra night because of the opportunity the time had provided to share about what is most important to him.


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