For the Glory of the Lord

Story by Stephanie Ernandes, Photo by Marius Taciuc

Marius 3_edited.jpg

It was the first time Marius would get to attend a New Testament Bible dedication.  “I didn’t know what to expect at first.  It turned out to be a very emotional event.”  After arriving in the village where the dedication was to take place, Marius curiously looked at his surroundings. He estimated that there were about 1000 people there in the village.  He was amazed that they all seemed to have the same mindset.  “They were working together, singing together, and cooking food for the dedication together.”

“From time to time there were groups of about 100 or so that were coming out of their houses and singing hymns in their language as well as in Tok Pisin (the local trade language).  That is something you don’t see in the western world.  I was thinking to myself all the time: What would it take to see something like that happen in my home country? An entire village coming out of their houses singing for the glory of the Lord.  That was very emotional for me.  I realized that they were taking it seriously.  They were saying, this celebration of ours is very personal.”




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