While We Were Away

Story By Stephanie Ernandes, Photo by Scot Stober


As a result of a spiritual revival that came about within the Mato people group in 2011 while Bible translators Scot and Cherie Stober were in their home country for a time, the Lord stirred and began to grow a hunger within the Mato people to learn more about the Lord.

“They started to have a healing ministry.  They have healed people. It’s an incredible ministry that they have and they are getting called by different language groups around Madang to come and do healing,” shared Cherie.  “That is what we came back to after our time away. They had asked questions before, but when I started to do Trauma Healing Workshops with them two years ago, that is what opened everything up.  After that, people started asking about things like domestic violence, rape and grief to name a few.  ‘How do we deal with these things?  What do I do when someone has stolen my pig and I am angry with them?’” (Pigs are very highly valued in Papua New Guinean culture).

Because of these things Scot and Cherie were able to teach them on a deeper spiritual level and point them to translated Scriptures that dealt with these kinds of issues.  They have just finished translating the New Testament, as well as recording the audio version, and dubbing the Jesus Film into the Mato language.  The New Testament will be dedicated August of 2019.

As the Mato people rub shoulders with the Scriptures through all of these avenues that God has opened, they are just starting to grasp that there is Scripture that backs up what they do every day in their lives.  Please pray for the Mato people, for continued hunger to know and pursue God, and for a continued desire to understand the Word as they grow in Christ Jesus and walk out His calling for their lives.


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