Heart to Heart, Glory to Glory P.3/3


story by Kairu Tumae

(Kairu is a Papua New Guinean graduate from the Ukarumpa International School, this is his testimony continued…)

When I returned to Kompiam to run the small community radio station, I started work by teaching myself how to use the equipment in the studio. I read about how to do radio announcing and how to structure my program. Looking back now, I know God was right there with me, teaching me about the job even though I had no experience in it. I cannot take any credit for where I am right now and all that I have learned in radio broadcasting because it was all God. He gave me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to learn the skills of radio broadcasting and the details of running a radio station by myself.

The vision for Sauan 99.9 FM is to promote and communicate development through radio broadcasting. Because most rural areas are hard to reach, it makes it hard for information to travel into these areas. Radio is a great tool to send out information. Our frequency goes out to a lot of rural parts of the Kompiam District. There is no other radio frequency close that people can listen to.

One of the main things that I focus on is health awareness.  We have our hospital staff come in to do health awareness broadcasts because they can’t possibly go to every single village to share health awareness.  The terrain in the highlands just makes it too hard.

Most people in these rural areas are not aware of what is going on in different parts of Papua New Guinea, so we provide national news for them. Many people have personally come to express their gratitude for our news casts. It’s a big thing for them to know what’s going on in our country and what is happening in the government. We also do gospel programs over the weeks and include sermons in our programs.

I’ve learned and still am learning to depend on God’s strength and wisdom every single day to do my job.  Every day my day starts at 6:30am and goes until 10:00pm. I’m pretty worn out mentally and physically by the end of almost every week. But it has taught me to depend on God, because I honestly would not accomplish much in my job if God weren’t there by my side. He has taught me to depend on him when I’m down or worn out. He is my strength. Every single day.  I wouldn’t have learned this much and matured in my faith like I have, I wouldn’t be who I am now, if I had taken my own road instead of the road God planned for me. He has he showed me what I need to do in the future. I need to give back and serve the people of my country with whatever skill, gift, and talent God has blessed me with. I have peace with where I am right now, and I have realized the purpose of my life: To glorify God in everything I do. I still need to understand better the meaning of these things.

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9 NLT


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