Heart to Heart, Glory to Glory P.2/3


story by Kairu Tumae

(Kairu is a Papua New Guinean graduate from the Ukarumpa International School, this is his testimony continued…)

It all started on graduation night when Dr. David Mills came up to me and congratulated me. He told me that if I ended up not going to college, if I was still interested in medicine, to give him a call and come visit him at Kompiam District Hospital. After saying goodbye to all my classmates, I decided to call the Mills family and I headed up to Kompiam to stay a couple months with them.

After just a few days in Kompiam, I was ashamed of myself for not truly knowing my country. I realized that much of PNG still lacks the basic services that people need and many kids, teens, and young adults in my generation don’t realize it – just like me.

During the months I was up in Kompiam, I assisted Mrs. Mills at the primary school, helped out with maintenance, and of course went on medical patrols. The patrols showed me so much.

First of all, I saw the need for the Word of God. Sure there are churches out there but many people still don’t understand the Truth. People still mix traditional beliefs with the Gospel. I realized, too, that there is a big need for Papua New Guineans ourselves to be missionaries to our own people. We cannot expect missionaries to be expatriates only.

The second thing I saw was the great medical need that many people groups in my country have. Pregnant moms and sick or injured people have to walk more than to two hours to get to the closest health center or aid post, traversing many steep hills and rocky mountain paths, which turn to slippery mud in the rainy season. It’s a tough walk for them.

Some people have to walk more than five hours or even up to full day to reach Kompiam station. From there they can travel to Wabag or Hagen. Now imagine having to carry someone who is very ill, or perhaps has multiple gunshot wounds from a tribal fight, in a homemade stretcher while trying to cross fast-moving rivers, climb mountains, and descend steep muddy paths for many hours to reach the nearest hospital with a doctor.

After a few months with the Mills family I went back home.  Just before I departed, Dr. Mills mentioned briefly that they needed someone to run their small radio station. I left Kompiam hoping to find a job near my parents and earn some money to save up for college, but God brought me back to Kompiam.

I came back up to Kompiam in the beginning of February 2017 to start running the small community radio station called Sauan 99.9 FM, which is under the care of the mission hospital. I had no training whatsoever, I had never talked on a radio, and I didn’t know how to use the equipment! The one thing I did know was that God wanted me to be in Kompiam even if it meant doing something that was totally new to me.

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9 NLT


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