Smiles and Scripture

By Rachel Greco

During the last week of August and beginning of September, Beth Fuller and some other language workers traveled to Wewak to promote Scripture. The Christian book store there let the women borrow its microphone, speakers, and mixer to blast out recordings to let people know about translated scriptures in their languages.

“We were absolutely amazed at how many different people we could help get copies of God’s Word in their language. We were all so tired were standing with balls of sweat rolling down our backs. But then we would get a smile from someone – priceless,” Beth Fuller said.

They saw it over and over—at first a person wore a straight face as they waited to hear a recording of the Scriptures in their language, then the smile started as the recording played. And finally the smile culminated in an explosion of joy.

Several people even asked Beth and the others to play the recording of their language on the loud speaker so everyone could hear.

It wasn’t all smiles and excitement, though; there were people to whom they had to say, “Sorry. Nothing has been translated in your language yet.” Some who heard this smiled politely and left. Others asked strongly, “When are you coming to our language?” The language workers could only ask them to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send someone to help them.

One man came to Beth and asked her to see if there was a translation in his language. They looked up his province, and she read the list of languages that had translated material, but his language wasn’t among them. He smiled, said thanks, and left. He came back to Beth in about half an hour.

He said, “I brought this old woman to come hear her language. You told me that Yil language was on your list, and I know she speaks Yil, so I brought her to you.”

Please join us in praying that all the people in Papua New Guinea will experience the joy and soul-shattering smile of hearing God’s Word in their language.

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