Unplugging Wells

Adam Speaking to a Crowd of Enga Villagers

Story By Rachel Greco

Like removing rocks which block a well, fluency in reading and speaking can open up the glorious goodness of God’s Word to people in Papua New Guinea.

During Adam and Martha Boyd’s last visit to their village of Immi, they had the opportunity to visit the area surrounding their home. One day their family crossed the long suspension bridge over the Lai River and headed along a path up the mountain. Just as they were about to turn around and go home, they came upon a small market area. As the family arrived, Adam was quickly ushered into the center of the market area and told that he needed to speak to the people.

Extemporaneous speaking in Enga is not his strength. Fortunately, however, he was able to recall some of the things he had said in the sermon that he had recently delivered in the Enga language, and did his best to share about the Kingdom of God with the people at the market. He also played for them a small audio sample from the Gospel of Matthew over his phone.

This unexpected occurrence made him realize that God has given him a tremendous opportunity. Because people are so excited to hear a foreigner speak Enga, he has the possibility of going almost anywhere in the province and drawing a crowd just by speaking. Possessing an increased fluency in the Enga language would enable him to share the deep truths of God’s Word.

Becoming comfortable with reading a language can also help un-stopper the plug of God’s truth. In June, Martin Harty, one of the Enga Bible translation team members, came to Ukarumpa and recorded the book of Luke. Because of Martin’s fluency, they were able to complete the recording in just five and a half days. They now have three gospels recorded in the Enga language. Three openings of wells that the people who are not yet fluent in reading Enga can come and drink from.



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