Set Free!

Story by Karen Weaver

In the past, Angam allowed sin to rule his life. His actions were displeasing to God and to his wife, and in his heart he was angry and wanted nothing to do with worshipping God.

In May 2016, Angam’s wife, Aikiba, attended a three-part women’s Bible study led by translator Annie Colich. After the first study, Aikiba showed him the Bible verse paper, but her husband just shoved it aside and wasn’t interested. After the second study, she again showed him the Bible verse paper and this time he accepted it. Reading God’s Word in his heart language for the first time touched him so deeply that he asked Aikiba if he could attend the third Bible study.

He did come, but sat quietly in the back of the church. When Annie explained to the ladies about God’s mercy, tears began to trickle down Angam’s face as he understood the forgiveness Christ offers. Later he had a vision of evil wound tightly around his heart, and God breaking those chains and setting him free.

A church elder heard about Angam’s new faith and asked him to preach from Luke 8. It was a passage about a demon possessed man who roamed the hills, naked, crazy, sleeping in the graveyard, held captive by Satan until Jesus Himself came and rescued him from evil.  When Angam read that story he was deeply touched. He felt that he was just like that man, once held prisoner by the evil one and now set free by Jesus.

Because of the changes in Angam’s life, the community elected him as the new translation committee chairman. Angam now travels to the island villages in his language area, telling what God has done for him. Because he represents the translation committee, the island congregations are now strongly supporting the translation work.

Angam is eager for those who have been trained to continue translating the Word into their own language where it will speak clearly and do its work in the lives of others, as it did in his life. He tells the team, “We MUST make this translation our number one priority, helping Kim and Annie to finish this work!”

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