Recording Technicians: Committed to the Task

Story by Karen Weaver, photo by Andy Weaver

Deeply believing in what they do, Papua New Guinean audio technicians are volunteers willing to endure heat, challenging travel, and time away from their families just to get God’s Word recorded in the languages of the Islands Region.

Pacific Area Media Trainers began with six trainees in 2013. Over the next two years, the number of trainees tripled as others heard about the work and wanted to learn the techniques of recording the New Testament and making it available on portable solar audio players and SD cards.

The communities they serve are heavily involved in the process. The local community chooses and organizes the readers. They provide food and housing for the recording technicians while they are in the village. When the recording and production are completed, the community itself organizes the dedication celebration and the distribution of the audio Scriptures.

The recording technicians have demonstrated their commitment by their willingness to travel in hazardous situations. Often they traverse oceans and rivers on small dinghies. One recording technician, Stanley, was on a boat that ran out of fuel and drifted on the open seas for 7 hours. When the craft was rescued and taken to shore, he searched until he found someone willing to transport him on another boat to his destination.

When he arrived, tired but determined, he and his co-workers were able to complete the recording of the entire Sursurunga New Testament. Later, when the team leader asked if he had thought about turning back after the boating incident, Stanley replied, “No. I had to go on because I knew that God saved me and others on the boat for a reason. I knew that God wanted me to do His work.”

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