Jesus Film Partnerships

Story and photo by Karen Weaver

Winterford knew there was a Miniafia speaker living on the base at the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) center in the town of Lae, so he downloaded the Jesus Film in Miniafia to share with her. He had just completed the download when a lady in her late 70’s arrived with her daughter to visit the YWAM office. When Winterford found out that his visitor’s first language was Miniafia, offered to show her the Jesus Film. 

As she watched the film and heard Jesus speaking her language, tears began to trickle down the face of this elderly lady. She requested, “I would like to have a copy of this to take to my village.” Winterford said to her daughter, “Please ask your husband to download this off the internet so that she can take it back to her village and show it to the people of her generation.” Her daughter was happy to do just that.

The Jesus Film was produced by Cru. The Gospel of Luke was translated into the Miniafia language by the Bible Translation Association of PNG. This translation became the basis of the script for the film, recorded by a media specialist. The completed DVD was shown to one very grateful Miniafia lady by the YWAM director.

Partnership. That’s the best way to get God’s Word to the people in Papua New Guinea. Each one uses the gifts, skills, and passion given to them by God. Together we will see God’s Word reaching every language, every heart.


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