New Friends in a New Place

Story and photo by Karen Weaver

As Omar* walked into the large shopping mall in Port Moresby, the capital of PNG, he noticed people crowded around a booth. Curious, he walked over to find out what was happening. What he saw was a man downloading something onto his tablet, and another downloading onto his smart phone. To one side, a person was handing an Asian lady a DVD. When Omar recognized the name “Jesus,” on the cover of the DVD, his heart leapt.

Cautiously he approached Tim Husk, one of the representatives at the booth. Quietly he asked, “Could we go apart by ourselves and talk?” Off to one side of the busy shopping complex, Omar told Tim his story of leaving the middle east and spending several months detained in a refugee camp on Manus Island, in the far northern part of PNG. While there, he had heard the good news of the gospel and had committed his life to following Jesus. He had only recently been released and arrived in Port Moresby.

Tim reassured him, “In Papua New Guinea you don’t need to be afraid to tell people you are a Christian.” Tim returned to the booth and gave Omar a gift: A DVD of the Jesus Film in multiple languages, including the language he had learned as a young child. Tim also introduced Omar to a Christian who lived nearby who could keep in touch with him.

When Omar left the booth, he was lost in the wonder of owning the story of Jesus in his own language, and knowing that he had new friends who would continue to encourage him in his faith. He determined to follow Tim’s advice to connect with a local church and find others who share his love for Jesus.

*Not his real name.

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