“It Sleeps Good in my Thinking”

Story and photo by Karen Weaver

An Audibible is a hand held, solar powered device which contains an audio recording of local language Scriptures. It is easy to transport, easy to recharge, and most importantly, easy to understand.

A national church visitation team bought and gave an Audibible, along with some soap and cooking oil, to a man whose legs were paralyzed. When they went back to visit him several days later, he said to them, “Thank you so much for giving me this Audibible. When you came to visit me the first time I had been planning to set fire to my (grass roof) house and burn it down around me, because of my despair. But after you left I turned the Audibible on and started to listen to it. It gave me hope. It changed my thoughts. I am a changed man. You have given me a second life. Thank you!”

Franky, the Kamano Kafe motorbike salesman, visited a non-Christian truck driver who was very sick and no longer able to work. Franky sold him an Audibible with Scripture in his language recorded on it. When Franky visited him again several weeks later, the truck driver told him, “The talk on this Audibible has helped me. I am now a child of God. God wins and I win with him now.” A few weeks later, the man died. His family still listens to the Audibible and is very thankful for Franky’s timely visit.

An engineer in one of the gold mines in PNG bought an Audibible in his heart language of Kamano Kafe, even though he speaks English and the trade language, Tok Pisin, very well. He called his cousin James, who is one of the Kamano Kafe co-translators, and told him, “I have read the Bible in English and Tok Pisin, but I was always frustrated in my understanding. I regularly go to church and listen to sermons in Tok Pisin or English, but when I finally heard it in my own language, God’s word touched me deeply. It took its rightful place inside me!  It sleeps good in my thinking (it fits and helps me understand).”

Young men living in village huts, truck drivers on the highways, engineers in gold mines, all of these and many more have their lives transformed when they hear God’s Word speaking to them in the language their hearts understand best.

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