Listening to God’s Word


Story by Karen Weaver, Photos by Kathy Husk

As the coastal residents wandered around the town of Alotau awaiting the start of the annual boat races, they visited booths where vendors were selling food or local handicrafts. Many were drawn to a booth where videos about Bible translation were playing. While they chatted with the people there, many took advantage of the opportunity to download both audio and printed Scriptures onto their phones at no cost.

When they heard God’s Word speaking from their phones in their language for the first time, often their faces lit up into big smiles. God was speaking to them! Some also purchased printed Scripture portions. Many accepted the free gift of a lanyard which said, “God’s Word in every language.”

One person who was especially grateful for the audio scriptures was a young man named Singh. That’s because Singh is blind. He was excited to hear God’s book spoken in his heart language of Wedau. He exclaimed in English, “This gives me goose bumps!”

When his father bought him a solar-powered audio player, Singh happily carried it home. The next day he returned to tell his new friends, “Last night I fell asleep listening to the Audibible.”

For some visitors to Aloutau that week, the highlight was seeing the boats with their colorful sails race across the bay. For others, like Singh, the highlight was discovering a way to listen to God’s word in their own homes in their own language.



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