Old Testament Introduction Training Class

Blocks of OT Books(Photo and Story by Karen Weaver)

Each of the students in the room shared a common vision of translating the entire Bible into the heart language of his or her people. Many of them previously helped translate the New Testament into that language. Some are already working on Genesis, Ruth, Proverbs, or other Old Testament books. These twenty two students from all over Papua New Guinea came to the Ukarumpa Training Center for a five-week,  in-depth study of  the Old Testament to broaden their understanding and to ultimately produce translations that accurately communicate God’s message.

The students learned through active involvement. They participated in mini-dramas, raced to arrange boxes with the books of the Bible in the correct order, and learned actions to help them remember major themes. They also drew maps of Bible lands, and sketched posters of family trees, and studied a three-dimensional replica of the tabernacle. Each day a different student led the class in devotions, often sharing how lessons learned in the class applied to his or her own life.

Learning involved not only group activities, but also doing research individually. Each student was assigned a book of the Old Testament to probe in-depth. As a culmination of their studies, they each made a presentation about that book, some using posters, some acting out dramas. All shared the major themes, purpose, and personal life application of that book.

At the end of the course, teacher Jacob Bullock praised them, “All of the students have worked very hard. They have learned the culture, land, and people of the Old Testament. Now they are ready to go back to their home areas and share that information with others.”

Students expressed their gratitude. Steven shared, “I am here because God has a plan for me. Great things God has done in my life. He brought me here. I praise God.”  Dora agreed, “God brought me here. I know who my God is and I trust him to continue using this in my life.”



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