I Am


(Photo: Annie Colich)

I Am

by Karen Weaver

When translators Kim and Annie Colich published the Gospel of John in the Tami language, Annie wanted to do something more than just sell the book. She wanted to find a way to make it real to them and let it impact their lives.

The Lord directed her to write Bible studies on the “I AM’s” spoken by Jesus. A group of women had been meeting regularly at a local church on Wednesday mornings and they gave her permission to lead the Bible studies for the ladies as part of these gatherings.

During the six weeks of the study there was a buzz in the village as ladies talked in excited undertones about what they were learning in the Bible studies. One lady told Annie, “Everywhere I go people are talking about Jesus’s words.”

The ladies weren’t the only ones who noticed. One man attended each of the ladies’ meetings and sat quietly listening. As a church leader, Thursday mornings were his time to address the village. As Annie listened each week, she heard him teaching his community group the very lessons she had taught the ladies the previous day. This village leader was learning about Jesus and he couldn’t wait to pass on the teaching to others.

The church in this area has used the trade language Bible for many years. But this was the first time people of Malasiga village had studied the Scriptures using an audio recording of the Bible in their heart language. Hearing the translated Word in this way is stirring up a fresh excitement among this people group! It is helping many of them understand in new ways that God’s Word was written to be obeyed and that it makes an impact on how they live their lives.

One of the head women of the village explained to Annie, “We used to give our time and energy to serving the flesh. Now we want to give our time and energy to serving the Lord. We must study the Bible so we can know Jesus and worship him.”iam_photo(Photo: Annie Colich)


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