Amele,SALT, Course
photo by Luke Aubrey

Samson was doing his best. He had a deep desire to see his people transformed by God’s Word, so after a Scripture Application and Leadership Training (SALT) course in a neighboring language, he had undertaken the task of translating the course materials into Amele. It was a huge project, and Samson struggled along with little training and almost no support.

The completed Amele New Testament had been sitting in storage for over a decade, but few people owned a copy, and many Amele did not even know that the translation existed. When a group arrived to research the reasons behind the lack of use of the New Testament, leaders from the area’s main denomination started asking, “Why don’t we use this Bible?”

As they talked, they began to catch Samson’s vision for the Amele to grasp God’s Word in a deeper way, until the entire denomination threw its support behind his efforts. A team formed, with Samson at its head, and for the next year they pushed through discouragement and hardship to translate the twenty SALT lessons. It became a community project as women cooked for the team and children even pitched in by bringing firewood. Excitement built, with other denominations coming on board, and as the project neared completion and registrations poured in for the Amele’s own SALT course, leaders realized they would need to run two back-to-back programs to accommodate all 480 participants.

During the two courses, almost 450 New Testaments made their way out of storage and into the hands and hearts of people, like one man who said, “I thought that going to church and playing the part of a Christian on the outside was a means of getting something from God. Now I see that there is so much more to Christianity than this. God wants me to be transformed on the inside.”

Samson’s dream for his people is coming true.


Man, Bible, Amele, SALT course
photo by Luke Aubrey

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