Strengthening A Lesson On Truth

Papua New Guinea, kids, teaching, Sunday School, Bible, Bible Translation, Sarah Halferty

“I have been a Sunday School teacher for 5 years and this training has given me many new thoughts and ideas for strengthening the Sunday School program at my church.”

In Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea, 76 men and women traveled to Arop village from the 10 language groups and 9 church denominations to participate in one of three Sunday School Teacher Training workshops. Participants worked hard, learning how to plan a lesson for children that not only would keep their attention with music, visual aids, games and more, but would communicate important truths from God’s Word. “This workshop was very important in that now I realize the most important thing is to find the truth to teach in the story and focus the lesson on this truth,” one teacher remarked.

The lessons were taken from the recently translated Gospel of Luke, and so in addition to preparing lessons, the participants practiced reading the Bible in their own language—some for the very first time. “I was very happy to learn how to read my tok ples [own language] Bible!” one person rejoiced! Another said, “I heard many things in this course that spoke to my heart and this has changed my life”.

Because many of the villages did not have Sunday School programs in their churches, participants left with excitement, resources, and training for how they could introduce Sunday school in their communities. One teacher commented, “This course was new for me, and I am very glad because now I have good ideas for starting Sunday School in my village.”

For some, the vision grew beyond Sunday School. “I want to see change inside the church, the primary schools and the community,” a teacher said.” Pray for God’s help to strengthen the Sunday School [in our villages].”

Author: from Arop report, as told to by Catherine Rivard

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