Blue skies… again :(

House with a view
House with a view

We generally like blue skies. Beautiful sunny days mean that one can move freely from one place to another without getting wet. Right now, there is a real need to get “wet” so bring on the “grey” skies ! Much of Papua New Guinea is facing a real need for rain. Typically it is a country that gets more than its fair share of rain (some places up to 400 inches!) Water tanks are running out and gardens are not producing much food. While this may not seem to have a direct connection to Bible translation, it is and will become more of an issue very soon. When translation teams need to go further and further away for food and water, it slows down the process. The longer the dry spell goes the more dangerous the situation becomes. Water sources become compromised and people take risks with contaminated water. Pray for rain and rain soon!


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