It can be complicated

Lots to think about!
Lots to think about!

Some jobs are just a bit more complicated than others. Big heavy objects, like airplanes, are not meant to stay up in the air! But if they are designed well and flown by well-trained pilots, they are a wonderful tool to use. However, they are complicated. The subtle touches and the need to understand the underlying sophisticated aerodynamics make it a job for skilled professionals. The Bible translation and language development process is complicated as well. There are subtle changes in tones and pronunciations that have profound effects on meaning. Not to mention the need to understand the underlying grammatical structures. Pray for the 200+ language projects in Papua New Guinea that are now in process and for those working in them. Pray that they would understand the nuances of the languages so that the translation will have impact within their communities.


One thought on “It can be complicated

  1. I fully agree! Language too can be very complicated and there are nuances of meaning that can be missed if the linguist doesn’t master these features before fully engaging in the translation process!

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