Which is stronger?

Crashing waves
Crashing waves

As you watch the waves relentlessly pound against the rocks you can see the power of the wave battling the durability of the rocks. Which is stronger? It’s hard to tell. It seems like the rocks hold up well against any single wave but upon examination, the rocks show evidence that the waves have made their impact. So it can be with the Word of God. It doesn’t always seem to have a dramatic effect, immediately on a person. But as these magnificent words work into the crevices of our lives, slowly they change us into the person God wants us to be. But if the Word of God is not in the language one has learned from birth, the impact is like a calm sea on a rocky coastline. It barely challenges the reader because the meaning isn’t as clear. Pray for more translated Scriptures in the 830+ languages in Papua New Guinea today.


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