A matter of perspective


Beach art

I was walking the beach near Kerema, Papua New Guinea when I saw these beautiful sand creations. Certainly,  the maker of this artwork must be a talented and creative artisan. Upon closer examination, each creation had a small hole in the centre. Soon I observed a crab,popping out of the hole, carrying a ball of sand. It would then drop the ball and quickly  scurry back in. I marveled how in its small view of the world, this must seem like a a daunting task. But from my viewpoint, it was a work of art in action. Could this be the way God (and us) views the task of Bible translation? From our small view of the world, it is a daunting task but God sees it as it is happening and watches a work of art being created. Pray for those who are in the midst of this effort to get God’s word to the PNG people will be encouraged today.

A big one!

2 thoughts on “A matter of perspective

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate hearing about PNG on a daily basis – thanks for taking the time to make this available!!! Kathy Whitacre Linn

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