Beholding beauty

End of the day
End of the day

I often think about sunsets and sunrises as we have a great view of both. While the rest of the day gives us glimpses of beauty in different ways, like high billowing white clouds or gorgeous blue skies, it is at the beginning and end of the day that we see the spectacular displays of colour. Perhaps its because at the beginning of the day we need reminding of His work before us and the encouragement of a job worth doing. The end of the day brings us the reminder of the satisfaction in the beauty of a job well done. Pray today for the beginning and the end of the day. For the energetic starts and the satisfied finishes that Bible translators and Language developers in Papua New Guinea need in order to feel that the day is going to be,  and was worthwhile. For those who are feeling that this wasn’t one of those days, pray for God’s hand of blessing and encouragement.

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