Warming up

Warm and toasty
Lifting the morning chill

Papua New Guinea has many mountains and valleys. Mount Wilhelm, the tallest mountain stretches to almost 14,800 feet (4500+ m.) Many people live in the shadow of these tall mountains in valleys that are 5,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. Even though it is just off the equator, these highland valleys can be quite cool at night and keeping warm is important. As the sun comes over the hills it is common to see houses “smoking” as small fires are lit inside to take the chill away. These high mountains and hard-to-reach valleys create challenges to reaching people groups that are trying to get God’s Word into their language. Pray that these obstacles would be removed so that the fire of the Scriptures would warm the hearts of all the people in PNG. May  the Word of God come like the morning sun over the mountains and through the valleys reaching every nook and cranny.


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