Obstacle or opportunity?

Obstacle or opportunity?
Obstacle or opportunity?

What is standing in your way today? There are two ways to look at it. Is it an obstacle or an opportunity? Usually when we first are confronted with a challenge, our initial reaction is to just want to get past it. God often places these challenges in front of us so that we can learn more about Him as we work through the challenges and then when we look back we see what a precious opportunity we just passed through. It’s that way with the language development and Bible translation movement in Papua New Guinea. There are many challenges to this work on a daily basis. The routines of life change schedules, relational interactions cause misunderstandings, cultural misunderstandings cause broken relationships, every one of these challenges could be seen as an obstacle but God has provided them as opportunities. Pray that through these challenges God is honoured and more languages would be able to read the Good News in PNG.


One thought on “Obstacle or opportunity?

  1. “Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord or fully declare his praise?” [Ps.106:2, NIV]
    The distance seems to be an obstacle but sometimes God allows establish relationships very amazing, sincere and faithful (personally, I’m really grateful for that :-)). No doubt, the Word of God can set itself in a location of amazing way because this location has been prepared beforehand by God.

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