Beachfront properties

House with a view
House with a view

There are many coastal villages in Papua New Guinea. Living on the beach has many advantages – close to good fishing, cool breezes from the ocean provide relief from the hot tropical sun and who wouldn’t want the view! However, PNG is in an area of frequent and powerful earthquakes. Earthquakes under the sea can cause tsunamis that can wipe out a village in seconds. In the summer of 1998, three 30 foot waves overwhelmed the village of Arop where the death toll for it and surrounding villages exceeded over 2000 people. At the time, Arop was in the midst of a Bible translation project. While the disaster was extensive, a new project resulted in a  transformed vision for a multiple language project that included their language group and several others. Pray that these villages would be protected from the sea and that Bible translation could be completed in the eleven language groups now participating in a cluster project in that area.

To see a video on the Arop story click on this link:


One thought on “Beachfront properties

  1. Finally, the prayer and the Word of God have all advantages through thick and thin.
    Our Lord is our rock.
    So, we have to persevere in the faith. It’s not easy everyday but God is powerful and merciful.

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