Garden variety projects

Garden patchwork
Garden patchwork

Gardens are very important to Papua New Guineans as they are the main source of food for many. Most of the gardening is subsistence, that is, growing what you need day-to-day without a lot of storage possibilities. This really requires a strong faith that the garden will continue to provide a yield. It also means that you need to start new gardens before the old ones no longer produce. Finally, it relies on good growing conditions year round. This is the same for Bible translation projects. Those that begin the projects have faith that the Word of God will produce fruit continually. It means that the translation process really doesn’t end… as soon as one book is translated it is time to keep going on the next one. And finally, in order for the translation teams to be successful, they need to be sustained by resources, community involvement and prayer in order to succeed over the long haul. Will you pray today that the “garden” projects of Bible translation will bring great yields?

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