Order or chaos…

Order ...
Order …

There are times when everything seems to fit, all the parts line up and the rows are straight. But there are also times when nothing seems to make sense, there is no predicting the outcomes and you are not quite sure what is going to happen next. Order or chaos, which represents your life right now? Both have their advantages and their disadvantages. When life lines up, it can make for great results but it can also give us a false sense of reality that we are really in control. On the other hand, living in chaos may remind us that we are not in control and rely on the Creator who makes and sustains all things. This more realistic approach produces even better results and a strong appreciation for the caring hands that guide us. Pray for the language development workers and Bible translators in Papua New Guinea and the order or chaos that they may be living with today.

... or chaos
… or chaos

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