Changing times

Dugout canoe
Dugout canoe

Old ways used to be new ways. New ways will soon be old ways. Change happens and it seems to be happening faster with every passing year. How long does it take change to happen? It took 38 years for radio to have 50 million users but it only took TV, thirteen years. The internet took four years to reach 50 million users. Facebook added 200 million users in less than a year  and there were 1 billion iPod downloads in a 9 month period. The rate of change is rapidly increasing. In Papua New Guinea, we are seeing an explosion of cellphone and smartphone usage. Translated scriptures are now downloaded and language groups are reading and hearing the Bible in their heart language in some of the most remote areas of the world. Pray for language development workers and Bible translators as they make strategic decisions on how to best serve the language needs of PNG. Pray that they can embrace the changes necessary to make it happen.

Banana boat
Banana boat with outboard engine

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