Thankful for many hands

Many hands
Many hands

Hands free, free hand, give a hand, hand out,hand in, hand off, hands on, hands down… so many ways to use the word hand but perhaps the phrase we need the most is helping hand. When it comes to translation, many helping hands makes the job easier. What do helping hands look like? Maybe it is the training that co-translators receive in order to become better at their work or the pilot who flies the translators to and from their villages. Perhaps it is the hands that bring food so that the translators can focus more on the translation work rather than on their gardens. Sometimes it is just the encouraging handshake that keeps them going. Can you give a helping hand today to the translation effort in Papua New Guinea – how about folding your hands in prayer and ask for God’s blessing on the work being done.

Folded hands
Folded hands

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