Joyful impact

Translated - Joy
Joyful words

After attending a New Testament dedication, I reflected on the event and asked myself, “Could I describe the occasion in one word?” It didn’t take long to come up with it. Joy. There was the expressed joy of the people as they celebrated the arrival with cultural dances and songs set to the new words. There was joy in the faces of the translation team as they were honoured for their years of work. There was joy as visitors from many places witnessed the Scriptures being embraced.  But the joy was contagious. The children who may not have understood the significance of the day, readily joined in the celebration. How about us? Are we joyful for the many different translations we have available to us? Create some joy today as you celebrate the Scripture in your heart language… then pray that more languages in Papua New Guinea would soon have the Scriptures.

I get it!
I get it!

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