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The Word in many languages
The Word in many languages

For years, Jennifer prayed that someone would go with her to bring God’s Word to her own people. Slowly, Jennifer has watched that dream unfold.

In 2013, she spent a few nights at a guest house in Kokopo. While there she was happy to learn from Jim and Diana Parker that the guest house had New Testaments available in her heart language. After purchasing a carton of them, she returned to her village and shared the precious books with her extended family. They were grateful to be able to read the scriptures in their heart language. Her mother declared, “God’s Word is much clearer and easier to understand in Mengan than in the trade language!”

Early in 2014, a language development team needed a contact person in the Mengan area and asked the Parkers about Jennifer. Unfortunately, they had neither her cell phone number nor her e-mail address. That door seemed to be closed. However, just two days later they were in a grocery store when they heard someone say their names. They looked up, and there was Jennifer! Both the Parkers and Jennifer were happy to be able to renew their friendship. Jennifer marveled, “I didn’t need to go to the grocery store that day, but my sister asked me to go buy something for her. God sent me in answer to my prayers.”

Through her renewed friendship with the Parkers and other team members, Jennifer learned about a small group who was planning to visit her village. This group wanted to find out the degree to which the local people were using and understanding the Mengan Scriptures. Jennifer was able to help them by recording some portions of the gospel of John, thus once again having a part in bringing God’s Word to her own people.

Although Jennifer works as a nurse in another part of Papua New Guinea, she has not forgotten the people of her own language group. Jennifer looks forward to seeing what will happen in the future as the Mengan people grow spiritually through reading God’s Word in their heart language.

Busy as a bee
Busy as a bee

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