The meaning is clear!

It sounds good - Photo by Karen Weaver
It sounds good – Photo by Karen Weaver

Since 1979, the Tairora people have had the written New Testament in their own heart language, for which they are grateful. Boaz broke into a smile as he explained, “The meaning is clear in Tairora. It talks the same way I do.” This month, for the first time, an audio version was made available as well.

On Thursday, 4 September, hundreds of people filled the meeting hall at the Ukarumpa Training Center to celebrate the arrival of the Tairora scriptures in this new format. The audio player, called an AudiBible, contains a recording of the most recent revision of the Tairora New Testament, plus more than a dozen Scripture songs. These devices have a rechargeable solar panel on the back, so they can be replayed countless times. This is especially helpful in the many villages with no electricity.

One young man who attended the dedication looks forward to sharing his new audio player with his father and mother. Timothy exclaimed, “I like God’s talk in Tairora! My parents don’t know the trade language so I am happy to buy a Tairora AudiBible for them. They can’t read, but when they hear the words on the player they will understand.”

The elderly aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the new recording. Pastor Saki encouraged men and women of all ages, saying, “You can listen to it when you drink your coffee, when you work in the garden, and when you sit around the fire at night. Listen to it in your homes and share it with your children.” Pastor Kemu agreed with him: “At school you can get knowledge, but God’s word gives wisdom.”

After the dedication, 50 AudiBibles were sold. In addition, six people uploaded the Tairora scriptures onto their phones. These recordings have the potential to reach hundreds, as people gather in small groups to listen. The printed Tairora Bible is still used and appreciated as well, and five hard copies were sold that day. Whether reading or listening, the Tairora people are seeking the wisdom that comes from God’s word.

Checking it out
Checking it out – photo by Karen Weaver

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