Swimming upstream


Have you ever had to swim upstream? It takes a lot more energy. Sometimes it seems like you are getting nowhere! You glance at the shore and see where you are and then you put your head down and swim hard . When you look up and see that you have only moved a couple feet, it can be discouraging and you might even want to quit. There are times when the translation process seems like you are swimming upstream. You work hard for weeks at a time and then when  you look at what you have accomplished,  it seems like you only made limited progress. It can be discouraging. Pray for a translator or language development worker in Papua New Guinea to be encouraged today.


One thought on “Swimming upstream

  1. Your thoughts are also relative to those outside of your work–this culture often makes us feel like swimming upstream. Praise God for your determination to keep up the good work. It inspires me, it makes a difference and it is worth it! Have an awesome week!

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