A heavy one – not a light one!

Learning the way – Steve Johnson

“We are happy and glad that you are here as we desperately want God’s Word in our language!” exclaimed Babalawa Wapi, a Dibiyaso speaker.

The church floor, long boards supported by stilts on each end, bounced like a trampoline as the singsing group danced and leapt and sang for joy. Peter, Bonnie, Katawer, and Eva had just finished their travels around the Mubami-Dausame-speaking villages in Western Province. They were connecting with the village leaders (including Foia Foia, Hoyahoya and Hoia Hoia speakers) and encouraging them to consider how they might be part of translating God’s Word into their own languages.

Further south, Steve, Jeff, Karen, and Carol were concluding their parallel journey around Dibyaso and Doso-speaking villages. The two teams had been sent out in response to the many requests from this area for assistance in Bible translation, exploring the possibilities of a new kind of multilanguage translation project that wouldn’t rely solely on the dwindling numbers of outside linguists.
As the women and children danced and sang in the language of their hearts, their passion and enthusiasm for translation was unmistakable. The community leaders and church congregations demonstrated their commitment to having God’s Word in their own languages through generous gifts earmarked for the training and equipping of their people to translate the Bible.

Pastor Bani Gomada was extremely grateful that the teams had come. “I want to thank the team. Thank you for hearing my cry and God’s call. We are sending a big thank you with you, to your families, your churches, your coworkers—a heavy one, not a light one.” His eyes twinkled, “You have to load that on your balus [plane]. If it is too heavy, you might have to leave it!”

The next steps for the Bamu Tributaries Multilanguage Project include Scripture engagement and beginning translation workshops. Pray with us for God to raise up the right people to staff these workshops!

Packing up
Packing up



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