Little by little

Little by little
Little by little

“He who gathers money little by little makes it grow.” Proverbs 13:11

Although the Maiwa people of Milne Bay Province do not have the book of Proverbs in their language, they often demonstrate the wisdom found there.

Takashi and Yaeko Nakamura came from Japan to live among the Maiwa people. From the time they started translation work in 1989, they always felt supported and encouraged by the Maiwas. They built friendships and often people would stop by their house for a visit.

In 2005, Gerold, a leader in the community, came to visit. He and Takashi chatted about village life and about the translation of the New Testament. Although the book would not be ready for several years, Gerold was curious to know the price. Takashi replied, “I do not know the price, but I think it will be around K10.” (At that time K10 was equal to about US $5.) Gerold leaned back in his chair and said with a smile, “I want to buy one for me and my family. The cost will be expensive.” Takashi also smiled and replied, “If you start saving money now, you will be able to buy one.”

Gerold followed that suggestion and began saving money little by little. The amount grew and grew. Other people in Biniguni Village saw his example and they started saving for the New Testament, too.

Meanwhile, Takashi and Yaeko and the translation team continued their work. Little by little the chapters were completed and checked for accuracy. When the finished Maiwa New Testament was ready, the price of the book was K5, instead of the K10 that Takashi had guessed.

By that time around 100 people in the community had saved enough money to pre-pay for a New Testament. When the dedication day arrived on April 18, 2012, each of these people was able to go home with a Maiwa New Testament of their own. And what about Gerold? He had saved enough that he was able not only to buy a book for himself, but to purchase one for each of his four children as well!

What's happening back there?
What’s happening back there?

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