Today’s the day!

DSC04251F (1)
Lake Wisdom, Long Island, PNG

The Arop-Lokep NT is being dedicated today on Long Island in Papua New Guinea. This island located just off the coast is an ancient volcano. Over the years, the centre of the volcano has  filled in with fresh water, creating a huge lake that is at cloud level and is over 900 feet deep. This lake makes up a majority of the island. The name of the lake? Lake Wisdom! And today the Arop-Lokep people, who inhabit the island, are celebrating God’s wisdom coming to their communities. The Arop-Lokep NT in written and audio format will be dedicated with a huge celebration, pig feast and many visitors. Pray for good weather, a God-honouring celebration but most important, pray that the Word of God in the Arop-Lokep language would change lives and impact communities.

Bringing wisdom to the community
Bringing wisdom to the community (boxes of Bibles in the background)

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