Rainy days

Taking off
Taking off

We woke up to rain this morning and I said, “It must be close to the end of the school year!” Being near the equator in Papua New Guinea, we don’t have four seasons. Instead we  have “changes” to the weather patterns, usually described as wet and dry seasons. Our dry seasons are short and not all that dry compared to other places in the world. But this is the time of year that signals the transition to dry season. So you ask why do you talk about rain? Every year as graduation draws near and the graduating seniors (and others) gather early in the morning at the airstrip to leave, the clouds roll in and often shuts down the airstrip.   It remains closed until the hot sun burns them away.  It’s almost like nature is saying with the community… “We hate to see you go!” Since the main way out of here is by air, everyone waits until the clouds roll out and pray they don’t miss their connecting flights. Pray for safe travel for the departing families, for memorable goodbyes and for wisdom as the seniors leave their homes.


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