Traveling Salesman

Hearing it!
Hearing it!

“It used to be that if you walked through a Yopno village in the evenings you would hear the sounds of people talking in each house. Now the only thing coming through the bamboo walls is the sound of Scripture.” This is what Ninipeo says about his visits to Yopno villages.

For 30 years, Ninipeo worked side by side with SIL translator Wes Reed as they translated God’s book into the Yopno language. Now he travels throughout the Yopno language area selling both printed Scriptures and audio Scriptures on a player called an Audibible.

In one village he visited, Ninipeo heard about an old man who had avoided the church all his life. One evening a primary school teacher invited him to listen to an Audibible with his family. Afterwards, the teacher couldn’t refuse when the aged man asked, “May I borrow this for one week?” After listening to it for four days, the elderly man drew a picture of a cross and put it beside his bed. Then he lay down, placed the player on his chest, and as God’s words were playing, he passed into heaven to meet his newfound friend, Jesus.

Karupe was called a “Poison Man” because he was notorious for his bad morals and life of crime and murder. One day he was being hunted down and he ran to Ninepeo’s house in fear for his life. Ninepeo opened the door, invited him in, and gave him an Audibible. Karupe listened and committed his life to Christ. Now he goes to church, helps the pastor, and serves communion.

In his travels, Ninipeo visited his extended family in the port city of Lae, outside the Yopno language area. When he pulled out an Audibible, the parents told their children, “You must come listen to this talk!” Ninipeo went to town to do his errands; when he returned five hours later, they were still listening to God’s Word.

Some people ask Ninipeo if he’s going to retire. He answers, “So many people are hungry for God’s Word that I must go out. I can’t rest as long as there is work to do.”

Village living
Village living

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