Unforeseen circumstances

Unforeseen circumstances

Recently I went from one island to another on a small boat in water like this. While  a straight line would have provided the shortest distance, we weaved and turned in many different directions but eventually got to shore. With one man in the back steering the boat, another man stood in the front directing him through the shallow reefs. The life of language developers and Bible translators often seems to take many turns and changes of direction. This came to mind recently when a coworker shared that she was frustrated that the computers she had taken to the village for training were running slowly. After several days of consulting over the radio , a fix was determined and the computers worked much better. Later one of the men in the training shared, “It was good the computers worked slow. We could keep up with your teaching!” Pray for flexibility and adaptability as the language development  translation work goes forward in Papua New Guinea.

Guiding the way
Guiding the way

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